Expense Reduction Partner for Credit Card Processing.

At VeriProcess, our focus is helping organizations that accept credit card payments reduce the associated payment processing expenses. We are a consulting and expense reduction firm in the payments industry, with proven strategies to identify and correct areas of overspend on merchant services. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing, and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. Our success is based on measurable results, and our fees are only a percentage of your savings. VeriProcess is the trusted partner in payment processing.

Simple. Effective.

A simple approach with effective results. We start by auditing a few recent merchant service provider statements and deliver an easy-to-understand analysis of those results – at no obligation and with no cost to you for this service. After reviewing the results of our payment processing audit, you decide if you’d like to engage our services. We would then go to work on your behalf to reduce the payment processing fees and share in the recoverable savings. Our ongoing analysis and monthly reports ensure accurate billing and identify realized savings. And, the best part of our services? You can stay with your existing merchant service provider and there’s no fee unless we save you money!

From Auditing and Analysis to regular monitoring and Reporting to an ongoing commitment to Processing Optimization, VeriProcess has the experience and expertise to be your ally in the credit card industry, your advocate and advisors on best practices, and your partners in cost savings. Creating simple, efficient, and economical merchant payment processing solutions through maximum transparency and measurable results.

The payments industry is complex. We can help.


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