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An INSIDE Analysis of Credit Card Processing and the Payment Industry
Understanding the Payment Industry is a tough task. Merchants are faced with confusing statements, hundreds of various payment processing fees, and numerous processing options offered by Merchant Service Providers, Payment Gateways, and other payment processing entities. The PAYMENTINSIDER provides articles, posts, and whitepapers on the Payment Industry, including this article, Visa and MasterCard Interchange Downgrade Fees, with the goal of creating transparency in this marketplace.

Visa and MasterCard Interchange Downgrade Fees

What are the penalties or fees associated with downgraded Visa and MasterCard transactions? Downgrade fees, or surcharges, for credit card transactions are relative to your type of merchant account plan. Merchants may process under various plan types – Tiered / Bucketed or Interchange Plus / Passthrough – depending on how the provider sold the merchant on the account. For this article, we’ll assume an Interchange Plus or Passthrough type of account, as that is the … Read More »

VeriProcess Helps Merchants Save On Processing Fees

VeriProcess helps organizations that accept credit card payments reduce their payment processing expenses by identifying and correcting areas of overspend. We provide guidance and consultation on payment processing fees and methods. Our proven strategies deliver solutions to reduce this cost through ongoing analysis, processing optimization, and competitive processing rates. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing, and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. Our exclusive 11 Point Credit Card Processing Audit will … Read More »