VeriProcess the Partner

We founded VeriProcess for one simple reason—we believe transparency is the cornerstone of all fair business practices. Nowhere is transparency as frustratingly inadequate as in the area of credit card processing and merchant statements.

As a merchant, without transparency, you have no visibility into true costs. VeriProcess audits have proven time after time that merchant statements not only contain hidden, often unnecessary, fees—you may actually be paying at a higher rate than the one you agreed to. Processors, their agents, and merchant services resellers all know this, but they have no incentive to point it out to you. The confusion created by the industry isn’t illegal, but it certainly isn’t good business.

It’s why we believe so strongly in the services we provide. With the VeriProcess team in your corner, you’re informed and in control, as your company evolves and grows—making VeriProcess a true partner to your business.  Our tools and approach were designed specifically to bring transparency to the credit card processing industry. We Audit your statements, identify and highlight the inefficiencies, and help you Optimize your processing methods to achieve the best rates today and over the long-term. VeriProcess is not a payment processor or merchant service provider; we are a consultant for the merchant and do not require a change in payment providers.

Our value proposition to the merchant is a simple one; we will save you money or we don’t get paid.

VeriProcess is committed to delivering maximum transparency with measurable results.