The VeriProcess Solution

VeriProcess helps organizations that accept credit card payments reduce their payment processing expenses by identifying and correcting areas of overspend. We provide guidance and consultation on payment processing fees and methods. Our proven strategies deliver solutions to reduce this cost through ongoing analysis, processing optimization, and competitive processing rates. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing, and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements.

Our exclusive 11 Point Credit Card Processing Audit will analyze and evaluate your payment processing activities. Through a comprehensive partnership with the merchant, we follow up with ongoing analysis, reporting, and customized solutions that help bring much needed transparency to the complex and costly layers of discount rates, transaction fees, and surcharges that are embedded in your merchant account statement.

VeriProcess is not a payment processor or merchant service provider; we are a consultancy and advisory firm working on behalf of merchants. Our services do not require a change in payment providers and our fees are results-based; contingent upon measurable, realized savings.

Through our Audit, Processing Optimization, and Reporting, VeriProcess will help your company achieve and maintain maximum efficiency and savings on your credit card processing.

Our credit card audit and subsequent payment optimization solutions, on average, save businesses over 21% on processing fees.

What We Do:

  • Audit your current processing expenditures and processes
  • Provide cost savings solutions
  • Offer a transparent, competitive processing relationship

How We Do It:

  • Audit and analyze every processing fee on your statement
  • Negotiate a processing rate on your behalf
  • Identify processing inefficiencies to reduce costs
  • Provide ongoing reporting to ensure continued savings and efficiencies

Most important, with VeriProcess, there are NO FEES unless we save you money. Our model is simple – we only bill for a percentage of measurable, realized savings!