Payment Processing Optimization

After we’ve negotiated a competitive payment processing rate and plan with your merchant service provider, and you’ve realized immediate savings over the course of the first three months, VeriProcess will create a profile of your processing strengths and weaknesses. Then, we’ll get to work on payment processing optimization.

Together, we’ll look at a comparison of your current pricing model with the simplified and transparent VeriProcess model (identifying corresponding differences in costs per month). Then we’ll work with you on strategies to optimize your payment processing activities in order to ensure that the lowest possible interchange rates are always applied to your credit card transactions.

Why doesn’t your merchant service provider do this today? Simple. They have no incentive to optimize your payment processing. It may actually drive down their profits. VeriProcess is paid on savings.  Saving you money is our only job.

An important responsibility as your partner is to keep up on every one of the hundreds of interchange rates that may change twice a year. VeriProcess performs thorough, ongoing credit card processing audits to ensure you always pay the lowest possible processing rate. These monthly reports will identify your effective rate of payment processing as well as processing trends within the card payments industry.

VeriProcess performs a thorough analysis and audit of your processing methods and puts strategies in place that ensure the lowest payment processing costs. Remember, we are incented to continuously save you money through optimization. We accomplish this by identifying interchange fees that can be reduced by changes to your payment processing methods (i.e. gather cardholder data, sales data, etc.). Our implementation team, consisting of developers, accounting professionals, and a dedicated client services staff, will ensure the necessary support is available to execute these measures.

As questions arise, trends emerge, or your business evolves, VeriProcess will continue to be your partner. Through ongoing audits and reporting, we will ensure you continue to receive the most favorable payment processing rates.