The hard truth is that once a merchant service provider has your business, they do very little to nurture the relationship. It’s not in their best interest to have a client who’s educated in the ways of credit card processing.

As your trusted resource and advisor, VeriProcess absolutely believes in a partnership that results in a more informed merchant.  As VeriProcess partners with you on Payment Processing Optimization, the data collected and recommendations made are captured in monthly reports.

Our goal is to be a powerful partner to your business, simplify the payment processing industry, and ensure support of your business in every way.  Our team, consisting of developers, accounting professionals, and a dedicated client services staff, will ensure the necessary support is available to implement any changes needed to ongoing payment processing activities in order to maximize savings opportunities.


VeriProcess Reports:

Monthly Transparency Report– Features merchant statement analysis, effective rate of processing, monthly savings, and annualized savings projections.

Optimization Report– Features analysis of payment processing trends and recommended processing changes designed to ensure maximized savings.

Effective Processing Rate Report–  Features ongoing trend reporting to measure and report effective rate of payment processing across all credit card types, as well as month over month and year over year trends.

Interchange Rate Report– Features updates on the payment interchange fees charged by the credit card associations.

Benchmark Report– Features ongoing trends of payment processing rates compared to similar size, industry, and geographical based merchants.