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E-Commerce Payment System

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At VeriProcess, we help organizations that accept credit card payments reduce their payment processing expenses by identifying and correcting areas of overspend with merchant service providers. Find out how we reduce payment processing expenses.

Our role as a merchant advocate and our expense reduction services do not require you to change your existing merchant service provider. Our experience and expertise in the payment industry puts the power in your corner when navigating the complexity of payment processing, and our results-based fee model incents us to deliver maximum savings.

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Learn more about the term ‘e-commerce payment system’ and other industry jargon. The payment industry is complex. As a merchant, it’s hard to make sense of merchant statements and confusing fees. When searching online for information on accepting credit cards in your business, or how to reduce payment processing fees, merchants often search using a variety of terms. The phrase ‘e-commerce payment system’ is one such example used to learn more about the payments industry and its services available to merchants.

Want to learn more about how you can reduce payment processing fees in your business?

We founded VeriProcess for one simple reason—we believe transparency is the cornerstone of all fair business practices. Nowhere is transparency as frustratingly inadequate as in the area of credit card processing and merchant statements. Through our credit card audit, payment processing optimization, and reporting, VeriProcess will help your company achieve and maintain maximum efficiency and savings on your credit card processing. Our services do not require a change in payment providers and our fees are results-based; contingent upon measurable, realized savings. The VeriProcess credit card audit and subsequent payment optimization solutions, on average, save businesses over 21% on payment processing fees.

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We can help with your questions on payment processing and our expense reduction strategies; contact VeriProcess today. You may also view our glossary of payment terms or browse payment industry articles for more information.