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Red Payments

Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

Red Payments is a merchant service provider, registered as a Third Party Agent by Visa, offering payment processing services to businesses in the United States. A Visa third party agent may perform multiple functions, including merchant solicitation activities (ISO) or deployment of ATM, POS or kiosk PIN acceptance devices and/or manage encryption keys (ESO). These functions occur on the issuing and acquiring side of a Visa member’s business. The role of Red Payments as a third party agent, does not necessarily mean they are connected to VisaNet; rather, they provide payment-related services (directly or indirectly) to a Visa member, merchant or agent.

Red Payments, LLC

Merchant services offered by Red Payments include:
Merchant solicitation, sales, customer service, training

The term merchant services, in a broad sense, may also refer to:

  • Payment processing
  • Check guarantee and check conversion services
  • Payment gateway
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Online transaction processing
  • Point of sale (POS) systems

There are many choices to consider and questions to ask when evaluating a merchant service provider. Be careful about merchant service reviews posted online, as there are many sites that claim to review the thousands of merchant service providers in an unbiased manner. These review sites are oftentimes paid for their rating and opinions. As a merchant advocate, VeriProcess provides guidance and expense reduction strategies, working on your behalf with your existing merchant service provider. Have questions about credit card processing? We have the answers.

What kind of merchant services does Red Payments offer?
How can my business lower my credit card processing fees?
Am I paying the lowest possible credit card fees?
Is Red Payments rated as a top merchant services provider?

Reduce Payment Processing Fees With VeriProcess

Merchants should question their existing merchant service provider, but should know the right questions to ask. Our services educate merchants on the payment industry and provide cost-reduction strategies to ensure competitive payment processing fees and transparent billing. Without transparency in the payment industry, a merchant will easily overpay on credit card processing fees.

If you are processing credit card transactions with Red Payments, be sure to understand all the payment processing fees and how the type of credit card processed may impact surcharge rates. Payment processing, and the entire payment industry, is complicated. We are here to help you, the merchant.

Merchant-Services-AccountReduce Payment Processing Fees With VeriProcess

VeriProcess is an expense reduction consulting firm in the payments industry, helping organizations that accept credit card payments reduce their processing expenses. We have made it our mission to create transparency for this complex industry, and strongly believe that, as a merchant, the more you understand credit card processing fees and the options for accepting card payments, the better you can drive your business toward financial success.

We are not a merchant service provider - instead, we work directly with your existing provider to reduce payment processing fees. There is no risk to you, as we only charge for a percentage of measurable savings.

We can help with your questions on credit card processing and our expense reduction strategies; contact VeriProcess today. You may also view our glossary of payment terms or browse payment industry articles for more information.