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Nova Merchant Services

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees
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The payment industry is complex; full of confusing terms, hidden fees, and deceptive practices. When looking for answers to payment questions, or best practices for credit card processing, VeriProcess is your source. The phrase ‘nova merchant services’ can have a variety of meanings in the payments industry.

VeriProcess is a credit card processing expense reduction firm. We have made it our mission to deliver transparency to a confusing industry, and firmly believe that the more you understand payment processing fees and the options for accepting credit card payments, the better you can drive your business toward financial success. When businesses look for information on merchant service providers and credit card processing fees, or ways to reduce those fees, they will often search using a variety of payment processing terms, including the phrase ‘nova merchant services’. Merchants may also ask the following questions:

What is the best payment gateway?
Who are the best credit card processing companies?
What types of plans are available for merchant services?

Nova Merchant Services

We have the answers to those payment questions. Our services will make your payment processing more cost-effective, while at the same time, educate you -the merchant- on the payment industry. Need more information on payment processing? Be sure to browse our site for articles and information on the payment industry, including ‘nova merchant services’.

Nova Merchant Services
VeriProcess is an expense reduction and advisory firm, helping organizations that accept credit card payments reduce their processing expenses. Through a comprehensive partnership with the merchant, we provide ongoing analysis, reporting, and customized solutions that help bring transparency to the complex and costly layers of transaction fees, discount rates, and provider surcharges that are embedded in your merchant account statement. Our proven expense reduction strategies will identify and correct areas of overspend with your existing merchant service providers. Find out how we can reduce your payment processing expenses.

Our process is simple, effective, and non-intrusive to your business.

VeriProcess is not a merchant service provider; instead, we act as your merchant advocate and renegotiate payment processing rates with your existing provider. Our experience and expertise in the payment industry, along with our results-based fee model, incents us to deliver maximum savings.

We can help with your questions on credit card processing and our expense reduction strategies; contact VeriProcess today. You may also view our glossary of payment terms or browse payment industry articles for more information.