I hardly took the time to even read our merchant statements because of the confusion. The VeriProcess team explained the various fees and worked with my current provider to put me on the right plan with competitive rates. I've happily passed on their information to my vendors.

Jason Well
Cincinnati, OH

Your team has been so supportive and helpful. Thank you for everything!

San Francisco, CA

As an ecommerce merchant, we were hesitant about the level of integration work we would need if we were to make the changes the optimization reports called for. Thank goodness for the IT team at VeriProcess, they provdied experience, and a thorough understanding of our systems and made it all work without any pain! Dave, your team is the best! Thanks again!

Sarah Wesley
Park City, UT

Why didn't I find you sooner? We had no idea how to even read our statements, the audit shined a light on our payment processing costs and provided insight into several areas we turned into savings.

Jim Chester
Dallas, TX

Nice to have someone on our side. VeriProcess identified several areas where we were paying too much and helped us save on our monthly card fees. Their audit is a must for any business accepting card payments.

Steve Barthlow
St Louis, MO

VeriProcess has provided immediate savings. The real value has been the ongoing optimization. I didn't realize the amount of fees I was wasting by not passing through all the data. A few simple changes and our processing costs have fallen by over 30%. What a great partner!

Mike Young
Las Vegas, NV

VeriProcess was able to lower our processing fees with our current provider and show us how to avoid downgrade surcharges. I wasn't even aware of these additional fees before contacting them. Great service!

Bob Marks
Kansas City